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Otteson Glass is a small business specializing in luxurious hand-made glass shades from Vianne, France. We have been in business for over 35 years. For all questions, please call Jeff at (770) 335-3740 or email us at Vianneglassshades@gmail.com. We will do whatever possible to make our customers happy.

Product Image Vianne Cased Cognac 12" Cone-255

Vianne Cased Cognac 12" Cone-255


Shade is ideal for ceiling fixtures, pendants, lamps, and chandeliers. We also carry a comparable shade from Venice Glass, Italy, and substitute if the situation necessitates this. 

2 1/4" Fitter - 5 1/4" x 12" Size 

NOTE: During Vianne's shutdown period, we purchased several cone shades from Vetrofond, a fine Italian glass factory, to replace 10 of our unique skus. These meet or exceed Vianne's standard of quality; they are preferred by some customers because the bottom edge of the cone has a fine ground edge. While we paid nearly 30% premium over Vianne's price, these have always been sold at the Vianne price. They are identified by the name "Venice Glass" on the sticker. We will communicate with the buyer prior to shipping any replacement glass.