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Otteson Glass is a small business specializing in luxurious hand-made glass shades from Vianne, France. Shades can be used as replacement glass for your existing pendants and vanity lights or in new designs. We have been in business for over 35 years. For all questions, please call Jeff at (770) 335-3740 or email us at jnjones77@mac.com. We will do whatever possible to make our customers happy.

About us



Beautiful homes, restaurants, buildings, and public spaces deserve beautiful lighting.  Since Venetian times, the art of making glass has led to the stylish illumination of both interiors and exteriors.  With the art of hand made glass as a foundation, Otteson Glass has provided the most beautiful lighting shades to the world for three generations.

We have provided lighting glass to Disney Resorts, Harvard University, and countless state capitols.  The difference between our glass and the glass you buy off the shelf at a home improvement store is the quality.  Our glass does not come out of a machine in China - it is all handmade in the old world.  This is apparent in the design of the glass and the way it holds the light.

Most of our glass came from the Vianne factory in southern France, prior to its closing several years ago.  Vianne made the most incredible glass, and we are now the largest supplier of this glass in the world.  We have stockpiled over 35,000 shades of Vianne glass in our Atlanta warehouse to preserve the legacy of the great French glass blowers for years to come.  

We are a small business with just three employees and are always reachable.  We want our customers to be as happy with our glass as we are, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure this happens.

-The Otteson Glass Team