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Otteson Glass is a small business specializing in luxurious hand-made glass shades from Vianne, France. We have been in business for over 35 years. For all questions, please call Jeff at (770) 335-3740 or email us at Vianneglassshades@gmail.com. We will do whatever possible to make our customers happy.

Product Image Vianne Cased Cobalt Blue 14" Cone-244

Vianne Cased Cobalt Blue 14" Cone-244


2 1/4" Fitter - 6 1/4" x 14" Size 

Shade is ideal for ceiling fixtures, pendants, lamps, and chandeliers. 

NOTE: ONLY ONE OF THESE REMAIN.  The fitter on this shade is rough to the touch from slight chips as it was removed from the mold.  It is beautiful and no one but you will know.  There is no loss to the integrity of the shade.